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Designed for Food Industry Companies

Train and Certify
Faster and Better

Save a lot of time in training and certifying production workers, distribution workers, retail workers, service workers, managers, and everyone else active in your food chain.

All In One

Creating, planning, managing, delivering, and reporting on training. All your training challenges, solved. In one platform.

Easy & Fast

Training just got a whole lot easier. Get more training done, more efficiently and more effectively.


Instant reports on every employee’s training — including proof they understood it.

Join The Food Industry Leaders

“The continuous development of new features and the customer-focused approach I like the most. ”

Patrick V. - Vion Food Group

Stuck in spreadsheets or a cumbersome LMS?

All your training tools and data in a single place.

Enterprise LMS

Access Control

Separation of privileges by user role.


Centrally managed collaboration.


Demonstrate value gained at any time.


Flexible data portability with other platforms.

Product Safety

Safety by design and best practices.


The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Audit Logs

Detailed trail of user account activity.


Enterprise SLA & support.

You have a budget,
we have a plan that fits.


The tools you need to start training and certifying your food chain workforce.


From quickly creating a course to upskilling your entire food chain workforce. Hit the ground running with all the tools. 


The LMS that adapts to your organizational needs. All the tools, custom modifications, integrations, customer success manager and a lot more.